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Renewal of the Anthroposophical Society Faust Branchrandolph6Members and friends of the Anthroposophical Society seeking renewal of the Society.Closed
AA Starting A Group InformationMr. Test3Organic Groups is a free Philosophy of Freedom web site feature that enables community participants to create and organize their own groups.Closed
AntropozofiaOlga16Antropozofia, Filozofia Wolności ...grupa dyskusyjna ludzi o otwartych umysłach (Polish)subscribe
O'Neil Work Book on the Philosophy of FreedomR.Lundberg16George and Gisela O'Neil's work book on advanced study of the thought-organism of The Philosophy Of Freedomsubscribe
Philosophy of Freedom CommentaryTom Last1Commentary on The Philosophy of FreedomClosed
Rudolf Steiner on his book The Philosophy of FreedomJay Harms4Discussion of Rudolf Steiner's comments about his Philosophy of Freedom and compiling new references not found in Palmer's book.subscribe
The Philosophy of Freedom in the Light of Human and Cosmic ThoughtTom Last11Study of the Thought-Organism of The Philosophy of Freedom as Contemplative Worksubscribe
Working Group: Restoration of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of FreedomTom Last5Collaborative work toward a new English translation of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom subscribe