Reading Tips

Submitted by Tom Last on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 2:43pm.
Difficulty Reading POF?
Perhaps a technique used in studying the Zohar will work for POF? Kabbalah began thousands of years ago as a mystical form of

Omitted Sentences of POF Revealed

Submitted by Tom Last on Sat, 12/03/2005 - 7:58pm.

In the revised 1918 Preface of POF Steiner omitted some opening sentences. I came across an original first English 1916 edition of POF that has

Poppelbaum POF Now Available!

Submitted by Tom Last on Wed, 09/14/2005 - 11:44am.
Poppelbaum POF 
Here is a new link to the formerly unavailable Poppelbaum

New Audio: Thinking Exercises

Submitted by Tom Last on Mon, 08/22/2005 - 12:10pm.

It is often painful listening to the traditional opinions and speculation of today’s superficial thinking. These 9 short recordings (7 min. or less) of Rudolf Steiner's Practical

Spiritual Activity

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 08/21/2005 - 4:21pm.
The Philosophy of Freedom presents a world view based upon spiritual activity, which is thinking, feeling and action that arise from the individual human spirit. It takes hard work and courage to pursue our highest ideals. We leave the world of comfort and step out to hit that high note. Listen: The Singer

Why and How to Study "The Philosophy of Freedom"

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 08/21/2005 - 9:30am.
You may ask, Why should I set aside time to study Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom? Here are some things to consider; in the words of Rudolf Steiner....