Ethical Question: What would you do about nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

Submitted by Tom Last on Fri, 09/27/2013 - 5:28pm.

Ethical Question: What would you do about nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

Currently, Israel has almost all of the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the Mideast and is the only country that has nuclear weapons. Israel is the only Mideast nation that has not signed the 1979 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which encourages nuclear disarmament.

Iran has felt threatened by Israel's stockpile of WMD. Iran has been suspected of developing their own nuke for self-defense.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Has threatened to attack Iran to prevent them from attaining nuclear weapons.

New Iran president Hassan Rouhani: Supports a nuclear weapon-free zone in the Mideast saying no nation should possess nuclear weapons.

Universal concepts: An ethical individualist tries to be fair and remove bias from their thinking by putting a particular situation into universal concepts. So rather than naming countries I am using Country A and B.

Country A has a large stock pile of weapons. Country A has threatened to attack Country B. Country B tries to attain more weapons as self-defense to deter an attack from country A. 

An ethical individualist will also select an ethical principle they want to apply to the situation. The ethical principle I am selecting is to avoid a double standard. A double standard can be described as a biased or one-sided application of ethical principles, where one party is favored over the other.

Ethical Principle: avoid a double-standard

I see three obvious options:
1. Country B has a right to defend itself by having nuclear weapons as a deterrence.
2. Country B should be prevented from having nuclear weapons.
3. Pressure should be applied to both countries to not have nuclear weapons.

I agree with Iran president Hassan Rouhani that the Mideast should be a nuclear free zone. To avoid a double-standard the world should apply the appropriate pressure to both Israel and Iran to bring this about.

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