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Submitted by Admin on Mon, 02/05/2007 - 10:58am.

Click and hold the button. Talk into your computer mic. Those on this home page will hear.

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Where do I buy a microphone?

Almost every local computer store or electronics store will carry a low cost microphone that is compatible with a computer. We recommend a headset to avoid speaker feed back.

Contemporary Expressions of Various World Views

Submitted by Tim Bourke on Mon, 02/05/2007 - 9:19am.

Can we find examples of well-known contemporary thinkers, scientists, philosophers etc. who embody particular world views in their thinking? As a starter - B.F. Skinner (behaviourism), Richard Dawkins (genetic determinism), Carl Jung (Psychism), and so on...

The Twelve Freedoms

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 02/04/2007 - 8:49pm.

Chapter One describes several distinct perspectives of this freedom, aspects of a broader whole. Each of these freedoms may exist as real or as illusion.

Peace activist speaks at Goetheanum

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 02/04/2007 - 1:50pm.
Palestinian peace activist calls for understanding and new thinking to achieve a Middle East peace settlement.

Comparative Mind, Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 02/04/2007 - 9:52am.
Self observation, especially in the light of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths, reveals that the mind naturally makes distinctions - compares this with that. So we might think or say (the same thing?) this rug is better than that rug. As we go through life we automatically make comparisons and the related judgments. Suppose we seek to no longer sleep through this mental process...

Tricky Desire

Submitted by Lori Perry on Fri, 02/02/2007 - 12:43pm.

There's hardly a better expression of the trickiness of relying on desire, than Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

The first three steps of living thought: physical, etheric, and astral aspects

Submitted by Stephen Cobb on Wed, 01/31/2007 - 12:14pm.
A Pencil I Think!There are so many life activities that go into the making of a pencil that for the first 2 weeks, I spent most of my 1/2 hour thinking on this step alone!

Political Voice For Anthroposophy In EU

Submitted by Tom Last on Wed, 01/31/2007 - 12:02pm.
Building of a political base to support anthroposophical interests in Europe.

Stepping-Stone Verses 5

Submitted by Clifford on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 10:46pm.

Well, if not a hive, perhaps a choir.