Chapter 1 Section 9 & 10

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1.9) MONADISM (Sagittarius)

Heart Thinking

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Head -> Heart Thinking

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The way to the heart is via the head!

Calendar of the Soul, 46th Week, Feb. 26 - March 3, 2007

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Calendar of the Soul, 46th Week, Feb. 26 - March 3, 2007 New web site weekly feature.


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Daffodils bloom

Forget What Did

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"Memento" illustrates quite a few of the ideas we encounter in Chapter One.

Study of Man

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Philosophy of Freedom and the Study of Man

The Difficulty Inherent in Monist Logic

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"Every individual soul faces difficulties in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, for only by overcoming these difficulties will those trials come about through which the consciousness soul can be developed."
Excert from a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner in Zurick on October 10, 1916
Note: Steiner would not have exempted himself from having to undergo such difficulties.

Biodynamic Winemaking

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What is biodynamic winemaking? Is it Voodoo or Old-Fashioned Passion?