#5 Wholistic Science Serves Life

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Philosophy Of Freedom


0.8 Holistic Science Serves Life
[10] The spheres of life are many and for each there develop a special science. But life itself is one, and the more the sciences strive to penetrate deeply into their separate spheres, the more they withdraw themselves from the vision of the world as a living whole. There must be one supreme science which seeks in the separate sciences the elements for leading men back once more to the fullness of life. The scientific specialist seeks in his studies to gain a knowledge of the world and its workings. This book has a philosophical aim: science itself is to be infused with the life of an organic whole. The special sciences are stages on the way to this all-inclusive science.



Science discovers the harmony of laws ruling throughout the universe.
Scientific specialists gain knowledge in specific fields within the world whole.
Wholistic science unifies the knowledge of the specialists into an all-inclusive higher science.
We are scientists in everyday life when we seek to gain knowledge of things and understand how they work.
When an event occurs, we may seek to form ideas of what happened that are in harmony with the facts, and so are true.

The immature person may put forward an explanation that does not correspond with the facts due to inaccuracy, laziness or intentional deception.
This nonsense is nonscience.
Non-science severs our connection with the universe.
In dishonesty and falsehood we lose a healthy sense of ourselves as being a part of the whole.

Instead of one-sided opinions, the broad-mindedness of a wholistic view fills us with a real experience of truth.
People with a wholistic view have an enthusiasm for the whole truth and being truthful.

The world is a living whole.
All life has value and a place within the interdependence of everything..

The aim of the Philosophy Of Freedom is to instill in science the life of an organic whole.
Wholistic science leads us to the fullness of life by serving life.
By applying wholistic principles the world can be transformed for the better without violating the natural laws that connect everything.