Philosophy Of Freedom Observation Exercises

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The Observation Of Thinking ― Rudolf Steiner’s “Philosophy of Freedom” As a Path to the Knowledge of Formative-forces

Jürgen Strube

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Philosophy Of Freedom Based
Observation Of Thinking Exercises

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Amazon (German) Book Review of
Jürgen Strube's "Observation Of Thinking" by Alfonso Seistil: Finally, a book that introduces the basic exercises in the "Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner. As a result, the true value of the "Philosophy of Freedom" can be realised, because this is not a book that you read just to accumulate knowledge, but, with the suitable intensity must be applied as a practise book. This is how it is different from other philosophical books, that it is not a theoretical book, but contains the results of "soul observation by the scientific method," as Rudolf Steiner says. So it's a philosophical anthropology. The book "The observation of thinking" offers the opportunity to become acquainted with this very important work and also to gain a lot of benefits from it for practical life.

As a teenager I was put on this path when I formulated the question of where thoughts come from. It seemed clear to me from my own observation that while I give impetus to, and the occasion for, thoughts to occur, I do not, in the same sense, create them myself. Since I could not imagine that others before me had not entertained this question about the emergence of thoughts, I then sought out literature that could suitably clarify my question. My search was unsuccessful at first. In the works that I found later the question of human knowledge was dealt with as an abstract formulation of information theory, which was interesting in itself but did not touch upon my actual question. Finally, I turned my attention to Steiner's "Philosophy of Freedom". It addressed what really interested me: “However we approach the matter, it becomes more and more clear that the question of the nature of human action presupposes that of the origin of thinking". POF 2.12

This book impressed me with its clarity and logic. It made no philosophical presuppositions, but was based on observations.

During subsequent repeated studies of the "Philosophy of Freedom" in working groups, the question arose as to whether the facts that were represented there conceptually could be illustrated by specific examples. It also became clear that it is not always easy to match what you read with your own inner experiences. In this book I thus offer a set of practical, easily executable exercises that I hope will facilitate the reader’s own, direct experiences.

Dipperz, December 2009

Jürgen Strube
The Observation Of Thinking ― Rudolf Steiner’s “Philosophy of Freedom” As a Path to the Knowledge of Formative-forces (English translation by Jeff & David Martin)


Philosophy Of Freedom Observation Of Thinking Exercises





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