Tools For Individual Expression

"In the previous step, you “imagined” your Philosophy of Freedom project in your mind. The next step, is to create it! To carry out your project, you will need technical skills. The challenge for this step is to learn new skills. An Ethical Individualist, acquires the technical skills necessary to successfully complete a project. Many skills can be learned online by searching the internet. The internet also has many online tools that support individual expression. These tools include recording yourself with a webcam, video editing, animation, cartooning, diagram making, putting together a photo album, and more. Good luck!"

Use CONTACT for help or questions about your project, or post a comment. Also use "contact" to send the embed code or link to your project. Go to the UPLOAD page to upload projects (password pof) . These are free programs listed below. Some charge a small fee if you want to upgrade the service.


PHOTOGRAPH your art project or shoot video of it. You can open your own ART GALLERY on this site.
UPLOAD to the website.

at Odosketch. Send "large" embed code via contact.

BOIL DOWN a chapter down to the key points.
REWRITE a section of POF putting it into your own words
EXPAND on a POF topic.
COMMENTARY explanatory, critical, social, satire.
Tell us what you think, INTERVIEW somebody, or discuss your project. With a computer mic you can record and edit an AUDIO file.
If you have a WEBCAM, you can easily make a webcam video by selecting the "Record from webcam" option on the Youtube upload page.
Some webcams have a mic, otherwise you will also need a mic.
You can select "unlisted" at Youtube if you don't want it listed in their search. Use "contact" to send embed code or video link and it will be placed on this website.
There is a lot of information about doing simple science projects by searching "Science Fair". There is even information on simple psychology experiments. One project example is comparitive research. Of course you can record introspective observations without equipment, but they sell cheap EEG headsets for $200. Compare brain waves when reading The Philosophy Of Freedom with reading political news. Will entering into pure thinking result in a calmer state than reading political news? Or is reading POF just as stressful? What are the before POF study and after a study session results? Can the moment of insight be measured? See this video at the 5:15 mark as they try to record the "aha" moment.
At the online Pixton cartooning site you will immediately be able to tell stories in professional quality cartoons. A lot of fun to watch your characters come alive.
The video and pictures for your MOVIE are already online, you just need to collect what you need, and remix to fit your script. Maybe your video will go viral. Slideroll will turn pictures collected off the internet into a SLIDESHOW video. Their are many other slideshow sites.

Use Windows Live Movie Maker or Apple iMovie to turn pictures and video clips you get off the internet into a movie.
Download pictures from Google Images search.
Download videos from Google Videos search or YouTube.
Downloadhelper will download internet video for your movie:
Zamzar converts video, music and other files to another format.
At Creately you can produce a beautiful diagram right on their website and then download it. Making diagrams of sections of The Philosophy of Freedom is very helpful. You can store up to 5 diagrams on the free version. By deleting old diagrams you can make as many as you want without upgrading to the paid version. You can also make easy diagrams at the Pixton Comic site.
Surprisingly, few people can pass a Philosophy of Freedom QUIZ. Help yourself and others learn by becoming a quiz master. Create quizzes at Zoho; multiple choice, single answers, true/false, fill in blanks, and descriptive.
At Go!Animate, you can create your own animated video. Simple to use.