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Rudolf Steiner may have been born a clairvoyant, but he had to train to become an Ethical Individualist. Each step of this self-directed Project Based Study program focuses on one of the abilities discussed in The Philosophy of Freedom needed to turn one's ideals into completed action. The abilities practiced are scientific inquiry, pure reasoning, imagination, technical skills and collaboration. You are also welcome to take a "just do it" approach and forget the program structure. Your finished project will be shared with others by becoming part of the permanent archive. Questions? Post comment or "contact". More to come....
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Yes I've studied that entire course of those lectures.

The overall message is not quite as "either/or" asyou put it. As I understand, more broadly, and prior, RS claims to the effect: The condition of inspiration was arrived at in the eastern way by means of mantras. Inspiration these days is no longer possible to us westerners by that particular means. Inspiration is still part of the western way, just not arrived at by mantras now, but by body free thinking; through absorbing (inspiring) more the meaning content of the word rather than through immersion in the word's sound texture.
Thats my take as I recall the lectures anyway.
How IS ispiration arrived at in the wild west? In my case sitting down and doing exercises. Slowly, then it clicks in when I try sometimes when I'm standing up now and again. Goethean method, Inspiration, is the "picture-mathematical" way of resolving outer mysteries. Imagination the inner imo. As far as I can tell Inspiration is a part of both, but I'm blurred. I just press on, until things clarify themselves-or not.