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Rudolf Steiner may have been born a clairvoyant, but he had to train to become an Ethical Individualist. Each step of this self-directed Project Based Study program focuses on one of the abilities discussed in The Philosophy of Freedom needed to turn one's ideals into completed action. The abilities practiced are scientific inquiry, pure reasoning, imagination, technical skills and collaboration. You are also welcome to take a "just do it" approach and forget the program structure. Your finished project will be shared with others by becoming part of the permanent archive. Questions? Post comment or "contact". More to come....
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Hi Tom. Re Inspiration in PoF

Don't know if you remember expressing curiosity about examples of "Inspiration" in pof. I said that it seemed to have been deliberately screened out. But now I remember... But its in the first appendix, which didn't arrive until 1918 and may not qualify by your reckoning. Its where he adresses the "other minds problem", saying that we are driven to fall asleep to our own thinking in the face of the thinking of the other. As I understand Inspiration from elsewhere Inspiration is the state required for insight into the sense world, a la Goethean science, and Imagination the state required for accsessing the human interior.This prvious sentence is pure theory, as I state it here, because my own experience is not clearly enough formed on the matter to say yet.

These talking heads are fascinating. Its good to here sense coming out of the mouths of such images. Its quite startling.I like it.

all th3e best