Project Based Study Of The Philosophy Of Freedom



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Rudolf Steiner may have been born a clairvoyant, but he had to train to become an Ethical Individualist. Each step of this self-directed Project Based Study program focuses on one of the abilities discussed in The Philosophy of Freedom needed to turn one's ideals into completed action. The abilities practiced are scientific inquiry, pure reasoning, imagination, technical skills and collaboration. You are also welcome to take a "just do it" approach and forget the program structure. Your finished project will be shared with others by becoming part of the permanent archive. Questions? Post comment or "contact". More to come....
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I get you now.

I certainly can credit all and any forms of meditation and inner reflective "work" as fruitful. Also a self training in listening. I had a guru who demanded to be listened to extensively for years which helped me. Studying PoF is probably the single best training I know but all philosophy work helps. Eurythmy helps. Sit down meditation is essential imo. Also, I have read and studied many many of Steiner's texts-that is fruitful, but it is not a good thing to do without active inner work. I have worked with the Class mantrams- for better or worse. Dunno about that one, but the sense of being part of Rudi's esoteric club helps. It sort of shows willing, a being prepared to work in a way not my own; paradoxically a fruitful thing for me. Yeah in a word-work. I love it. Never really wanted to do anything else really cept praps sex and glory! (-: Old now. Hooray! Oh a final thing. Other people. I can't learn without other people now. The solitary work is no longer possible. I'm working on it.