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Rudolf Steiner may have been born a clairvoyant, but he had to train to become an Ethical Individualist. Each step of this self-directed Project Based Study program focuses on one of the abilities discussed in The Philosophy of Freedom needed to turn one's ideals into completed action. The abilities practiced are scientific inquiry, pure reasoning, imagination, technical skills and collaboration. You are also welcome to take a "just do it" approach and forget the program structure. Your finished project will be shared with others by becoming part of the permanent archive. Questions? Post comment or "contact". More to come....
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I dont get your question at all Tom

May I be pedantic here for the sake of clarity.
What does your "this" mean here? I am assuming you mean the fact that the path meanders. (it could refer to the fact that I am having sucess).

Your question presents me with so many assumptions in the options it offers me I don't know how to disentangle it in order to reply..just about every word used is skewed, from my perspective on the situation. What is it exactly you want to know? Is it:-
Why is it a meandering path?

I suppose the answer is to be found in- in the concept of "grace" being the prime active element here, rather than will. That understanding, of grace, can only be established looking back, with hindsight. In the moment, cause and effect are not working concepts in the development of clairvoyance; its no use appealing to them in any way. So in retrospect, meandering seems to be whats happening.

Best to you.

Bryn ps sorry about the quotes around "grace"