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Rudolf Steiner may have been born a clairvoyant, but he had to train to become an Ethical Individualist. Each step of this self-directed Project Based Study program focuses on one of the abilities discussed in The Philosophy of Freedom needed to turn one's ideals into completed action. The abilities practiced are scientific inquiry, pure reasoning, imagination, technical skills and collaboration. You are also welcome to take a "just do it" approach and forget the program structure. Your finished project will be shared with others by becoming part of the permanent archive. Questions? Post comment or "contact". More to come....
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Exactly, that is the good news

The Philosophy of Freedom is fundamentally based on the ability to observe one's own thoughts. Only the extreme materialist refuses to do this. From here is is just a question of deepening well known abilities such as scientific thinking, reason, imagination and ethics. Though it is easy to observe that most people have difficulty or are lazy with one or the other.

What Steiner is good at is putting the many pieces into a whole, explaining how each ability is part of a whole human being. They all need to be used. Most people aren't using all these well known abilities in an integrated way, but some are. They can be identified as empowered "knowing" doers who stand up for their ethical principles. I thought Obama was a good example until it turned out how quickly he drops his principles as though he doesn't really have any.

I am always amazed at my spiritualist friends who are not happy unless they find a spiritual ability they are incapable of doing. I am not aware of anybody having much success "developing" the spiritual abilities Steiner was "born" with. But a lot of progress can be made becoming a POF free human being (ethical individualist) by just becoming more conscious of our inner processes and trying harder in applying the POF basics.

I think so called spiritual people are lost in outdated spirituality and miss the pearls of modern spirituality found in the science path of clear thinking. The young computer geeks get it, Waldorf doesn't seem to get it and is being left behind(all art, no real science or serious math).

These basic abilities are the new path to freedom. I have very carefully examined POF for something else, but it is not there. I don't know what a person would be seeking above being an empowered free ethical human being, or what anthroposophy is promising above this. It certainly doesn't offer a better path than POF, unless someone is interested in the renewal of outdated paths.