The Renewal Of The Philosophy Of Freedom Through Project Based Study

Submitted by Tom Last on Mon, 08/29/2011 - 11:57am.

It is said that Rudolf Steiner hoped someone would update his 1894 Philosophy of Freedom in 100 years, as it is culturally dated. Times have changed dramatically since then, but the science of the human being within the book remains just as relevant. What if, rather than one person, hundreds or thousands of people collaborated to renew the book with a variety of unique individual contributions?

This may be possible with Project Based Study.

Project based study is simply to study, produce a project, and then present it. By 1. selecting a principle from the Philosophy of Freedom, 2. producing a project that expresses this principle in your own way, and 3. sharing it as part of a collaborative project, the Philosophy of Freedom would be re-expressed piece by piece, perhaps renewed indefinitely.