Submitted by Tom Last on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 12:13pm.

I may be an "anthrophilosophist" rather than an anthroposophist. Inspirediam (new registration) mentioned in her profile she was interested in "anthrophilosophy". I looked it up on the internet and I found two obscure blogs mentioning it --not in reference to Steiner-- and college students who majored in anthropology and philosophy. Otherwise it is an unused term.

I saw one reference to the Anthrophilosophical Society of Great Britain but I'm sure that was a misspelling.

I have been looking for a term that distinguished Steiner's pre-1900 work in science and philosophy from his post 1900 work after he converted to theosophy and lectured on his clairvoyant perceptions of the spiritual world. His body of work after 1900 is referred to as "anthroposophy", a term he used to distinguish his work from mainstream theosophy.

His earlier work needs to be distinguished from his later because of the vast difference between a rational philosophy and belief in clairvoyant research. While many are interested in both, many more are and will become interested in his Philosophy of Freedom without having a desire for speculative theosophy. A new and important Steiner movement such as this should have a name, as it is misleading and incorrect to include it in a category of theosophy, as anthroposophy is.

I will have to think about it for awhile, but I may be an anthrophilosophist.

“this book occupies a position completely independent of my writings on actual spiritual scientific matters... What I have said in this book may be acceptable even to some who, for reasons of their own, refuse to have anything to do with the results of my researches into the spiritual realm.” Rudolf Steiner, The Philosophy of Freedom, 1918 Preface to the Revised Edition


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