Process of Perception

Submitted by manselton on Fri, 06/24/2011 - 8:09am.

Chapter 9 begins with this paragraph:

  "For our cognition, the concept of the tree is conditioned by the percept of
   the tree. When faced with a particular percept, I can select only one
   particular concept from the general system of concepts. The connection of
   concept and percept is determined by thinking, indirectly and objectively,
   at the level of the percept. This connection of the percept with its concept
   is recognized after the act of perceiving; but that they do belong together
   lies in the very nature of things."

So does this say that the selection of just the right concept which belongs to the particular percept takes place in the perceptual sense? Or deeper in the subconscious? The selection is done for me in that I am not aware of an activity of choosing.



chp 9 by Tom Last
Thanks for the answer by manselton