Book Covers for original Philosophy of Freedom

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The Philosophy of Freedom describes Rudolf Steiner's path to freedom. It contains the nonconformist ideals of his youth that result from his study of mathematics, science, and philosophy culminating in a philosophy of life founded upon individualistic truth and ethical individualism. Its a book for the science-minded free thinker written before Steiner converted to theosophy and began speaking of his clairvoyant research into spiritual realms.

This is the first English translation and the only one sanctioned by Rudolf Steiner himself. Prof. and Mrs. R. F. Alfred Hoernlé were selected as joint translators for their outstanding qualifications. First published in 1916, it is based on the original 1894 German Die Philosophie der Freiheit. Other translations have been based on the 1918 revised German edition. It includes inspiring passages about individualism that were removed from the book in 1918 and are missing in later translations: “We no longer believe that there is a norm to which we must all strive to conform. Nothing is accepted as valid, unless it springs from the roots of individuality. The saying 'Each one of us must choose his hero in whose footsteps he toils up to Olympus' no longer holds for us. If only we probe deep enough into the very heart of our being, there dwells something noble, something worthy of development.”

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