Philosophy Of Freedom Reference Material

Note: The only available Philosophy of Freedom reference material available at this time is written by Theosophists, so if you are not interested in Theosophy you can simply ignore those occasional insertions that may call upon you to believe or assume something you are uncomfortable with, or translate theosophy terms into modern language (spirit = mind, human spirit is that part of us that thinks). But overall this material has a lot to offer a student of The Philosophy of Freedom.


Philosophy Of Freedom Reference Material

Self-Observation by Arnold Freeman (1956)
an introduction to Rudolf Steiner's
Philosophy Of Spiritual Activity

Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Spiritual Activity

a student's introduction and analysis by Olin D. Wannamaker (1963)

The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity as a Path to Self-Knowledge by Rita Stebbing
short chapter summary

Rudolf Steiner on his book The Philosophy Of Freedom by Otto Palmer (1975)   Purchase

GA Bondarew,
The Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner as the basis of the logic of intuitive thinking PDF  Purchase

POF chp. 9: “... The clearest account of this spring of action (of practical reason, ed.) has been given by Kreyenbuehl. In my opinion his article on this subject is one of the most important contributions to present-day philosophy, more especially to Ethics. Kreyenbuehl calls the spring of action, of which we are speaking, the practical a priori, i.e., an impulse to action emanating directly from my intuition.”
Ethical-Spiritual Activity in Kant by Johannes Kreyenbuehl