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comics based on:
Rudolf Steiner's

"The Philosophy Of Freedom presents the wide range of human standpoints, often masquerading under such strange philosophical names, in a way that leaves the reader free of attachment to any particular approach and able to let the various concepts speak for themselves, as though each were a photograph of one and the same object taken from many different angles." --Rudolf Steiner

    Comics Content
How To Study The Philosophy Of Freedom
Introduction To Characters
1. The Goal Of Knowledge
2. Conscious Human Action
3. Why The Desire For Knowledge Is Fundamental
4. Thought As The Instrument Of Knowledge
5. The World As Perception
6. Our Knowledge Of The World
7. Human Individuality
8. Are There Limits To Knowledge?
9. The Idea Of Freedom (in progress)




I looked into

I looked into self-publishing and the cost for a real book would be more than people would pay (maybe $50 to publish without profit). The good thing about comics is that you can read them online without the reader uncomfortableness of reading a book online.

The interest in the comics will grow when I have the whole book done. A few chapters won't matter much, but having the whole book done should start people telling other people.

Experts say you need to present a story. My earlier attempts at a story were distracting to the book content. But by using the world-outlook characters POF becomes a story while remaining within the text, so no extra fluff is added. The book also becomes a psychology book as you can study the 12 thinking personality types.