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Rudolf Steiner's

"The Philosophy Of Freedom presents the wide range of human standpoints, often masquerading under such strange philosophical names, in a way that leaves the reader free of attachment to any particular approach and able to let the various concepts speak for themselves, as though each were a photograph of one and the same object taken from many different angles." --Rudolf Steiner

    Comics Content
How To Study The Philosophy Of Freedom
Introduction To Characters
1. The Goal Of Knowledge
2. Conscious Human Action
3. Why The Desire For Knowledge Is Fundamental
4. Thought As The Instrument Of Knowledge
5. The World As Perception
6. Our Knowledge Of The World
7. Human Individuality
8. Are There Limits To Knowledge?
9. The Idea Of Freedom (in progress)




Twenty-one years later

When I first discovered the Philosophy of Freedom in 1989 at Rudolf Steiner College I recognized it as the most book for our age but also a book that was either already or on the verge of being lost to history. The next year I began a quest to try and find a way to make it more widely known. Twenty-one years later I think my newest cartoons will make the fundamental ideas available to anyone interested.