First Eurythmy Flash Mob in all of Human History!!!

Submitted by Tmasthenes on Thu, 02/24/2011 - 3:06pm.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Steiner Internet Universe!

Truly, this is, truly, an astonishing and stupendous moment of the deepest WHS (World Historical Significance) as the very first Eurythmy Flash Mob in all of human history was assembled on the steps of the great Gothic cathedral in Cologne, Germany in order to christen, with proper spiritual fanfare, the launching of the Steiner Sesquicentennial Express Train, which is now underway and rumbling down the tracks of human evolution toward its destination of Steiner’s birthplace in Croatia and Vienna, too.

The students from the Alanus Hochschule assembled on the steps of the Great Gothic Cathedral of Cologne, performed a “Halleluiah” in eurythmy --- then moved across the plaza to the main train station where they did more eurythmy on the platforms as the train came in for boarding.

Here is the photographic evidence:

Die ersten Bilder vom Eurythmie-Flashmob

The first pictures of the Eurythmy Flash-Mob

Hier kommen die ersten Bilder vom 1. Eurythmie Flashmob der Welt und der Zugtaufe des Rudolf-Steiner-Express im Kölner Hauptbahnhof, wo Studenten der Alanus Hochschule unterschiedliche Performances aufführten.

Here are the first pictures of the first Eurythmy Flash Mob in the world and the christening of the train that is the Rudolf Steiner Express at the train station in Cologne, where students of the Alanus School put on various performances.

Now go over to this website for more photos and videos

This is the website called “Rudolf Steiner 150 on the air,” which is a blog that is being written on the train itself for the 5 day trip and will be posting continually new photos, videos and audio messages.

Scroll down to see photos of the students on the steps of the cathedral freezing their Teutonic asses off doing the eurythmy Halleluiah.  Notice their eurythmy gowns are all red plastic ponchos to fend off the Ahrimanic cold!

There’s a 31 second video of the arrival of the train for boarding, and even an audio in German then English of the hostess on the train welcoming the riders.