Key to Life, An Introductory Sketch Of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 02/17/2011 - 4:47pm.

Thanks for your brief review of my book. My intention was to write a short sketch of the book for people who are unfamiliar with it, rather than for those who are already engaged in its study.

You are right in saying that Steiner was wanting readers to work strictly scientificly, through observation and thinking, but as I understand it, 'observation' is not limited to sense perceptions, but includes observation of one's own inner life, and in particular of one's own thinking. The observation of one's own thinking has nothing of a material quality, but is purely spiritual. But this cannot be shown, only experienced. Can you reach 'spirit' scientifically? Yes, if you accept that observations can be directed within. No, if you think that 'scientific' refers to observations with the senses, as contemporary science does.

The problem is that this 'science of the spirit' is very difficult for most of us. Nevertheless, one can sense, through the contemplation on the nature of one's own thinking, that such an experience indeed would lead into the spiritual world. This then makes it easier to accept Steiner's later work, to understand where it came from, even though this should never interfere with one's own struggle towards an authentic understanding. In other words, don't give up striving towards such an understanding, but be open minded about Steiner's later work.

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Iddo Oberski

Some philosophy books need a companion guide so that non-philosophy types can read, understand and enjoy the work as much as those who are scholars of the field. Author Iddo Oberski has done just that. In his new book, Key to Life, he provides a sketch of the important yet underrated work, The Philosophy of Freedom, by 19th-century Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Key to Life will help new readers make sense of the essential ideas of Steiner’s book and prepare them for working through the detailed account itself. Authors website with purchase information.