Submitted by jf on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 1:43am.

remember the fuss
about Obama?
another man promised to be the one

remember how he cried
around the corner
when he thought he couldn't be seen?

remember how Obama
was an example of Freedom
and how he would teach us that way?

remember how he swore to himself
never to cry like that again?

Trust Me:
it ain't his fault.

And never was

But remember:
He believes in drones. and
whether he knows it or not:

He's me.


most PoF scholars who proclaimed Obama, have yet to explicate what was missing in their reading of PoF; many, instead, simply became disappointed in him.

and to D.S.::: remember: when I showed all the ways Obama instanced against PoF, I never suggested it was a moral weakness or that we should expect a "leader" to demonstrate such things.