Mindflash training

Submitted by Tom Last on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 9:19am.
An unsolved problem is to have a good online study course. Online education is rapidly gaining interest so new programs are coming out to facilitate this. I like a new one called Mindflash. It has some good quizzes such as putting a series of words in the proper order and labeling a process graph, and labeling pictures. I thought I would put up a chapter video followed by quizzes to test reading comprehension after each section.

Try out sample study course here and let me know what you think. Login Email: pofstudycourse @ gmail.com (remove email spaces)    Password: pof  
Select "Retake" unless someone left in the middle of the course. If so you will pick up where they left off.

I can't afford the paid version at $80 per month so I am trying to maximize the free version.

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