Intuitive Thinking Empowers Life

Submitted by Admin on Tue, 11/30/2010 - 9:23pm.
I have written many times before that we are witnessing and experiencing a period of “creative destruction” in the U.S. today. The same holds true, of course, in many other countries around the world that also are struggling with economic crises and existential challenges. Creative destruction, in this regard, presents both a “crisis” and an “opportunity.” The destruction of the old inevitably heralds the creative potential of the new.

To many people, unleashing the creative spirit is simply another way of animating one’s intuition. In this important respect, intuition cuts at the very core of our individuality and may actually be the final arbiter of how each of us manifests who we really are as living beings. Intuition represents the essence of our personal and collective identities and contains the spark of life energy that we often refer to as “spirit.”

Intuition as spirit is certainly not a new concept. On the contrary, it is deeply rooted in a variety of philosophical traditions, both Eastern and Western. For example, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian-born scientific, literary and philosophical scholar, asserted that free spiritual activity, which he basically understood as the human ability to think intuitively, is the appropriate cognitive path for human beings to take in order to express fully their “freedom” as individuals. To Steiner, by experiencing and living intuitive thinking, that is, “the conscious experience of a purely spiritual content,” true freedom as a creative force for socially responsible action would become manifest. Intuition in this way can be viewed as a source of animation providing the energy that brings the cartoon characters we call humans “alive.”

Intuition then, is about being alive, wherever one may be. Is this really magic? Intuitive thinking, which Steiner has described as a “philosophy of freedom,” is indeed a magical journey.

by Alex Pattakos
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