Was Rudolf Steiner an Atheist?

Submitted by Tom Last on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 6:05pm.

This is a video comparing Atheist Life vs Religious Life. According to this description of Atheism, Rudolf Steiner seems like he would qualify as an Atheist, if you compare Atheism with Steiner's core principles found in his Philosophy of Freedom. Steiner describes a free human being as a free thinker who expresses his own free morality according to what seems appropriate in each case without being bound to any moral codes or conduct dictated by a god or other authority figure. Sounds like Atheism.

In his first book, Goethean Science, Steiner said this: What the religions call God, this we call, on the basis of our epistemological studies: the idea. This "idea" is arrived at by scientific research using the scientific method on a deeper level than is normally done. Atheists support the scientific method over belief systems. There may be very little if anything an Atheist could reject within the Philosophy of Freedom according to their core principles. The religious would certainly have to condemn Steiner's philosophy or accept that they are only an intermediary step for some, to be left behind at a certain point on the path to freedom.