Yasuhiko Genku Kimura Discussion on The Philosophy of Freedom

Seven video discussion about thinking led by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura based on "The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner at Sao Paulo, Brazil Dec. 4th, 2009. Mr. Kimura has spent almost thirty years studying both advanced Western scientific thought and inner-directed Eastern philosophies with his formal education centering on Buddhist philosophy. Rest of discussion inside this page. His website: www.via-visioninaction.org

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


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Blimey, this man is making things very obscure!

I'm glad I wasn't at this lecture.

I venture to suggest that Mr K, for all his honourable work, has missed a vital point. It is: He is not now reading PoF to himself somehow "in company", but is rather talking to souls. He is no longer alone in front of a text, he is engaged among other minds. So the key point of departure for his project should not now be to demonstrate "to fresh air" (as it appears to me) the details of a text; It should be to elucidate to his audience the nature of his audiences Egos. To clarify I mean: he should use the text to focus his students fledgling Ego experience, in the light of what his more developed Ego can unfold of itself as a result of having mastered the text. He should make his starting point the relationship of PoF to Ego- his Ego and the Egos he is among. He should be explicit about this.

But to me he seems to want to just lay out the concepts from a book he admires as if there was no-one else there. Neither do I trust at all this man's thinking, not as he connects it together in public anyway. Mr K plainly confuses people on the video and leaves them confused too, apparantly for the sake of hurrying on with his point while he can still remember the complexities of what he set out to say. Thats just bamboozling; the thrill of rehearsing in public a mental clarity he has personally mastered in private. Uggy.

But respect as well for his determination.


I have to stop watching. 

I have to stop watching.  I like the guy, but it's kind of rough.  Well, I still don't know how anybody could justify claiming that PoF has anything to do with gaining certainty about what we think we know (except of course, the knowing of self-sustaining cognitive being.  Which is fundamentally different than knowing about spiritual or material perceptions)....

remove the questioners

I find it annoying that people ask questions to other people. If we have a question we are the ones in the best position to answer it ourselves. I wish he would have just given his take on POF to the camera. I think it would be interesting.