Fundamental Polarity: Observation and Thought OR Observation and Thinking?

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 03/14/2010 - 11:55am.

The biggest translation question of chapter 3 may be paragraph 4, the fundamental polarity: Observation and thought are the two points of departure for all intellectual striving of the human being, to the degree we are conscious of such striving or Observation and thinking are the two points of departure.......

He explains what he means in paragraph 5 and 6. I have hi-lited parts that support "thought". Keep in mind that the word thinking can replace thought in all the paragraphs below.

[5] Whatever principle we choose to advance, we must either prove that we have observed it somewhere, or we must express it in the form of  clear reasoning that can be re-thought by any other thinker.

thinking or thought both work in this part:
When philosophers set out to discuss their fundamental principles, they must express them in conceptual form and so use thought. They indirectly admit with this fact that their work requires thought. We leave open here the question whether thought or something else is the chief factor in the development of the world. But it is clear from the start that philosophers can gain no knowledge of world development without thought. Thought may play a secondary role in the occurrance of world phenomena, but it certainly plays a leading role in the formation of a view about them.

This part supports the observation/thought usage because the observation and thought exist separately:
[6] As for observation, we need it due to the way we are organized. Our thought about a horse and the object "horse" are two things that exist separately for us. The object is accessible to us only by means of observation. As little as we can construct a concept of a horse by merely staring at it, just as little can we produce a corresponding object with mere thought.

I think thinking is more than one half of a polarity.
4-2 Thinking is beyond subject and object. It forms these two concepts just as it does all others.