German Source Comparison 1894 and 1918

The Philosophy of Freedom By Rudolf Steiner
New English Translation in progress

Comparison between the original 1894 German and the 1918 Steiner revisions.

The Philosophy Of Freedom
Rudolf Steiner

Some results of introspective observation following the scientific method.

PART I : The Theory of Freedom

1. The Goal Of Knowledge

2. Conscious Human Action

3. The Drive To Science

4. Thinking As The Instrument Of Knowledge

5. The World As Percept

6. Our Knowlegde Of The World

7. Human Individuality

8. Are There Any Limits To Knowledge?

PART II : The Reality of Freedom

9. The Factors of Life

10. The Idea of Freedom

11. Monism And The Philosophy Of Freedom

12. World Purpose and Life Purpose
(Human Destiny)

13. Moral Imagination
(Darwinism and Morality)

14. The Value of Life
(Optimism and Pessimism  )

15. The Individual and The Genus