Steiner's two examples: "reason of this similiarity" and "conditions of this experience"

Submitted by Beginner on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 9:44am.

There are two sentences in the second chapter of Steiner's book which I do not understand and ask for help:


Wir sehen aus dem Ei

ein dem Muttertiere ähnliches Wesen


wir fragen nach dem Grunde dieser Aehnlichkeit.


We see a being similar to the mother animal go forth out of the egg

we ask for the reason of this similarity.



Wir beobachten an einem Lebewesen

Wachstum und Entwicklung

bis zu einem bestimmten Grade der Vollkommenheit:

wir suchen nach den Bedingungen dieser Erfahrung.


We observe on a living being

growth and evolution

until a definite degree of perfection:

we seek for the conditions of this experience.


What do "reason of this similarity" and "conditions of this experience"  mean?


what does gleich (same, alike) have to do with ähnlich (similar)

Beginner wrote: what does gleich (same, alike) have to do with ähnlich (similar) ? 

This question neatly sums up the content of my earlier post: Comparison has a spectrum of outcomes. That is now much clearer, Beginner.

In the spectrum of the results of comparison what is the relationship of gleich to ähnlich? Which is closer to being identical?