Progressing the translation work efficiently

Submitted by Tom Last on Tue, 09/29/2009 - 12:06pm.

From now on, Tom and John will work much more closely together to bring the new translation to fulfillment more efficiently. Tom retains overall control of the project and has delegated the work of developing an appropriate English style and structure to John. We will continue to search as widely and deeply as possible in the German text for the best expression of the author’s intentions.

This new method of collaboration remains as open as before to constructive input from contributors to this public forum. We remain committed to keeping this project open for public scrutiny. Issues will continue to be highlighted for open comment, discussion and feedback throughout the process. Text revisions will be posted here as work in progress. Your constructive questions, feedback and suggestions are all very much appreciated and will be taken seriously.

Tom and John are both committed to complete this time intensive project as quickly as possible alongside their already heavy work schedules. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all forum participants in streamlining the workload for us here with minimal distraction. As promised before, anyone who contributes to this translation through the forum will be acknowledged in the final publication.
Tom and John