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(45:34) The Seventh Shrine: A New Covenant for the Earth

Orland Bishop related stories of his work and the inner power of truly listening and speaking.

Orland Bishop writes:
“The Seventh Shrine, the Shrine of the Future, is the Shrine of Imani, which is the Swahili word for faith or the ability to decide for a particular future out of one’s own experience of freedom. Faith is the inner preparation to decide for the best when we are at our best, as givers of the seed thought for what arises as new and free in our world. It is the consequence of the inner certainty of the primal intuitions of truth, goodness and beauty when it moves beyond the idea into the human will. We act from this space when we know that what we give supports something greater than ourselves. The Seventh Shrine has no teaching. Each person must create it. Those who do so create a portal of initiation, a covenant between the earth and the spiritual world. As initiation, it brings the human being constantly toward the threshold of asking: "How must I be in order for you to be free, how do I host the freedom of the other, the development of the other and the greater truth of the other?"

Orland is a lecturer, healer, and spiritual teacher. The founder of the Shade Tree Foundation, which works with at risk youth in Los Angeles. Lecture given at 2009 SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar in NYC.


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