God Finally Sets Palin Straight

Submitted by Divine Submissive on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 12:46pm.

In the past Sara Palin has distributed flyers calling for voters to "finally elect a Christian mayor". Now she says she has a "higher calling" that required her to resign 17 months before her term ended as governor of Alaska, and not to seek a second term.

I don't know what God said to Sarah Palin, but I suspect it might have been something like this:

"Sarah. I am a patient God. But, you have tried my patience. You are an embarrassment to my ideals, to yourself, to the people of your state, and to your country. Me, and my wolves and moose, would like you to please resign and devote the rest of your life in spiritual embrace of a better life."

adapted from
oped news

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