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(50:27) The Green Aspect of Christ

2009 SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar in NYC

Marko Pogacnik writes:
"At this time, under many aspects, the Christ is appearing to the beings of the Earth. One aspect takes the form of the Earth Changes that seem so threatening to the rational mind. Perhaps it is time to change our perspective and open our perception to what is truly going on within the process of planetary transmutation. Suppose, for instance, that the process of transmutation started more than two thousand years ago with the missions of Buddha and Christ. At what stage in the process are we now? Could we translate the dark image of the present Earth Changes into the language of divine revelation? What logic lies behind the broad spectrum of the present planetary transformations? What is the new role of the elemental world--and more particularly of the fairy world--that is emerging from the Earth’s core? What path should each of us take personally to come closer to the source of change and renewal?"

(53:09) Lecture 1 Geomancy and Earth healing
(1:02:33) Lecture 2 Geomancy and Earth healing

2008 SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar

Marko Pogacnik has been working with Geomancy and Earth healing for many years. He teaches a course that takes place periodically in various sites around the U.S., where Marko and his students practice applying geomancy to heal and better understand the Earth's energy and needs. At the 2008 seminar, Marko gave two talks in which he spoke extensively about his work, and on Sunday morning, led a group through Central Park to illustrate his work there and to give participants an inner sense of the work.


Video of Slovenian sculptor Marko Pogacnik in March of 2008, installed 28 stones sculptures at Foxhollow farm in Kentucky.


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