Christopher Bamford Audio

(1:01:05)"Unconditional Hospitality: Selflessness as the Path to Christ in All Things"

Christopher Bamford writes:
"The Mystery of Golgotha--the turning point of time--is not only a unique evolutionary moment, but also a now-and-forever ongoing process of transformation in which the Earth and humanity, the spiritual worlds and the divine, having separated, are potentially made one again. But as always what happens is up to us! Faced with the evolutionary demands of our time, when the Earth, humanity, the spiritual worlds, and even the Divine itself seems at risk, I believe there is no better response than that laid down by the selfless, healing, and redemptive coworking of Mary-Sophia and Christ, as described in the Gospels and by Anthroposophy. Their actions show us a path whereby, if we dare to follow in their footsteps, we can continue their work and bring new life to a dying Earth and a humanity falling ever deeper into egotism."

A major focus of his talk this year at the 2009 SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar in NYC was the need today for the human development of "unconditional hospitality."

Chris is Editor in Chief for SteinerBooks and its imprints.


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