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Dennis Klocek lectures from the Beyond Polarities Conference,
June 2006.

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Dennis Klocek
Beyond Polarities, 5 lectures

Beyond Polarities Lecture 1
(48:21) It is possible for the human being to overcome polarities.

Beyond Polarities Lecture 2
(57:52) You are greater than you think you are. By trying and failing gives us allows us compassion for others when they cause us pain, for we see that their actions are their own inability to solve their problems. Learning to see our trials as gifts with meaning.

Beyond Polarities Lecture 3
(59:33) 1. Knowing the problems so you can find the solution. 2. “Your problem is your gift” and “Your illness is your medicine.” 3. Ambiguity is path to inner knowledge/ the path is a paradox.

Beyond Polarities Lecture 4
(1:08:14) Shadow of Freedom 1. Fear 2. Doubt 3. Mocking/Hatred. Learn to awaken in others that we may learn to ask/see “what ails them”. Vulnerability is what makes us humans.

Beyond Polarities Lecture 5
(50:59) How do I overcome millenia of neuro-hardwiring to find my true freedom? Question for the Spiritual Warrior: How can I become who I really am? If I die to myself, I can awaken in everyone else. The path to finding my destiny
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Dennis Klocek The Forces In The Soul, 3 Lectures

The Forces In The Soul Lecture 1: Higher Will and the Protective Function of Prayer
(52:00) This lecture addresses the role of prayer as a protective force of will that balances the action of a meditative practice.

Topics include, the biological imperative and dark will, creative will, manas and buddhi, prudence, jurisprudence and motive, desire transformed into the wish to do better, petitionary prayer, affirmation, worry, hygienic prayer, prayers of protection, praying for enemies, dissolving dark intent, protection is a subtle art, amending prayer.

The Forces In The Soul Lecture 2: The Embryonic Source of Temperament in the Soul
(60:00) This lecture addresses the idea that the embryological formations of liver, lung, kidney and heart in the first six weeks of gestation are the root of later temperamental disposition in the adult.

Topics include, life forces overriding self awareness, blood formation in yolk sac, the blood searching for the heart, the descent of the heart and the Word becoming flesh, kidney formation, shame and the sanguine temperament, the liver formation, the phlegmatic temperament and fear of life, the melancholic temperament, the lung and phobia, sensory digestion and control, the heart, the choleric temperament, type A personality, the adult balancing the four temperaments.

The Forces In The Soul Lecture 3: Embryology of the Face and the Force of the Logos
(48:00) This lecture traces the embryological formations of the throat and larynx in the human being to the action of the Logos or Holy Word in the cosmos.

Topics include the esoteric script, life gesture, formation of the throat and larynx, the nature of the Holy Word and the spoken word, the archetype of the descent of the heart, St. Paul and the way of love, the images from the embryo as the formative principle of the mask, the myth of Dionysos and the three levels of the gods.

More Dennis Klocek lectures 

Lecture 1 Agricultural Alchemy, Frey Vineyards, January 2008
(20Mb - 60 minutes)

Lecture 1 the Great Passage, Friday July 25 2008
(23Mb - 65 minutes)

Lecture 1 Myth of Me, Aug 16, 2008 Aspen CO
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Biodynamic Workshop, on the principles of the Biodynamic preparations given at Frey Vineyards on January 9, 2009 (23Mb - 65 minutes)

The Black Madonna and Anthroposophia: Uniting Consciousness and Compassion (7 Lectures)
March 30 - Palm Sunday, April 1, 2007
Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, CA

Lecture 1 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 2 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 3 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 4 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 5 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 6 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lecture 7 Uniting Consciousness And Compassion

Lectures made available by Dennis Klocek

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