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What is the Path of Rudolf Steiner?

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What is Rudolf Steiner’s Path to Freedom?

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"Each one of us has it in themselves to be a free spirit, just as every rose bud has in it a rose."

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Eternal becoming in thinking
Every step a deepening
Overcoming the surface,
Penetrating the depths.

“My purpose was to write a biographical account of how one human soul made the difficult ascent to freedom.”

“I found my own way as best I could, and then, later on, described the route that I had taken.”

In a letter to Rosa Mayreder, “If you had rejected my book, it would have been


incomparably painful for me… I don’t teach. I relate what I have inwardly experienced. I relate it as I have experienced it.”

Philosophie Der Freiheit, 1894

Popular English translations found under these titles:
The Philosophy of Freedom (unrevised) [0] -- R. F. Alfred Hoernle
The Philosophy of Freedom [1] -- Michael Wilson  Download PDF [2]
The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity [3] -- William Lindeman
[4] Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path [5] – Michael Lipson Download PDF [6]

Once asked, for which of his books he would be remembered as writer, Rudolf Steiner answered, “For my Philosophy of Freedom.”

Human and Cosmic Thought [7] lectures. Steiner states the World-Outlook diagram indicates the logic of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the cosmos. "..their logic was indicated in the diagram I drew for you."

World-Outlook Diagram [7]

“For in the case of a book like this, the important thing is so to organize the thoughts it contains that they take effect. With many other books it doesn’t make a great deal of difference if one shifts the sequence, putting this thing first and that later. But in the case of The Philosophy of Freedom that is impossible. It would be just as unthinkable to put page 150 fifty pages earlier as it would be to put a dog’s hind legs where the front ones belong.”

“Catharsis is an ancient term for the purification of the astral body by means of meditation and concentration exercises. If a reader takes this book as it was meant and relates to it in the way a virtuoso playing a composition on the piano relates to its composer, reproducing the whole piece out of himself, the books organically evolved thought sequence will bring about a high degree of catharsis.”

“Within this book thinking is experienced in a way that makes it impossible for a person involved in it to have any other impression, when he is living in thought, he is living in the cosmos. This relatedness to cosmic mysteries is the red thread running through the book.”

One can’t bend and twist pure thinking to one’s subjective will. Thinking itself thinks. The spiritual beings of the higher hierarchies enter free thinking and then your thinking receives its content from above.

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