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Rudolf Steiner Fund

How will we attain a “new” thinking and inspired action required to understand and transform the various economic, ecological, social, spiritual, and political crisis confronting us today?

"It is absolutely necessary, in our future efforts, to recognize that the social order must be built in a way that is made possible only by free thinking."

Rudolf Steiner's path to free thinking and ethical action is described in The Philosophy of Freedom. Of all his books, The Philosophy of Freedom is the one that Rudolf Steiner repeatedly recommended and said would have the longest life, yet it remains largely unknown today at a time when it is most needed.

The purpose of this effort is to inform the world of Rudolf Steiner and how his path of intuitive thinking is available to all. The work is focused on:

Annual Report Sept. 2009-2010
60,000 website visits
50,000 video views
160,000 page views
35,000 unique visiters
$200.00 donations

Funds go toward hardware, software, website maintenance and programming, broadcast fees, and the production and promotion of educational material.
Thank-you, Tom Last

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