Renewal of the Anthroposophical Society Faust Branch

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Renewal of the

Anthroposophical Society Group

Main Entrance to the Goetheanum

Randolph McCready
(20+ yr. branch member)

(MEMBERS CHOICE INITIATIVE to announce action soon.)

Dear members and friends of the Anthroposophical Society,

Anthroposophists are in agreement
in their support for "renewal". 

The Anthroposophical Society sponsors opportunities for the renewal of spiritual and soul capacities of it's members and the general public at this time when it is so urgently needed, along with renewing our society and the very earth.

In this time of need for a vital Anthroposophical Society many members are concerned about issues within the society that indicate renewal is needed for the society itself. Why have so many members left and why is growth slow or even declining? Membership in the Anthroposophical Society of America has dropped 17% in the last 5 years. Member contributions and donations to the Goetheanum have dropped from 7 million in 1995 to 4.65 million in 2006.

This web page is for the discussion of a renewal of the Anthroposophical Society. Renewal may take a different form in each society group. The first thing to check is if your local society group is abiding by the Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society.

An issue brought up by several members of the Sacramento Faust Branch is the selection of officers. Currently officers are selected to join a coordinating committee by the committee itself without participation by the branch membership. Could this be one of the reasons for the lack of involvement from the large surrounding anthroposophical community in the Sacramento area?

is in violation of the Statutes of the General Anthroposophical Society as approved in 2002. In statute #4 it states:

Members may join together in groups on any basis of locality or subject, and these groups shall designate their own officers.

The original Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society were given to the members by Dr. Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Foundation Meeting in 1923. They characterize the basis on which the Anthroposophical Society is constituted and describe the nature of working and living together in a human community that has arisen from the spiritual impulses of our time. In Statute #11 it states:

Members may join together in smaller or larger groups on any basis of locality or subject. The seat of the Anthroposophical Society is at the Goetheanum, whence the Executive Council shall bring to the attention of the members or groups of members what it considers to be the task of the Society. The Executive Council communicates with officials elected or appointed by the various groups.

Is your local society group vital and growing or just following old traditions? Have you had success with any new programs?


How should officers of the Anthroposophical Society branches and groups be selected?

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Officers should be selected without any participation by the membership.
0% (0 votes)
Current leadership should nominate and select officers and then present them to the membership for approval.
5% (1 vote)
Current leadership should nominate officers and then have an election with branch members.
0% (0 votes)
Nominations are open to anyone with the results determined by an election of the members.
95% (19 votes)
Total votes: 20

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