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The 3-fold Social Commonwealth, or Social Threefolding, is one of the practical fruits that grows on the Antrhroposophical tree.  It provides a picture-in-the-mind of society and how it works today.  This picture is there for any person or organisation to take in to its mind and work with.  In doing so, the person or organisation will find that it is flowing with the river of the times we live in, and so be helped on its way a little.

Steiner presented the 3-fold as a new organisational model for society, and indeed at that time, in the chaos after the 1st World War, there was an opportunity for a new beginning in German society.  However, that moment passed and the opportunity was missed, and although there is always the chance some President somewhere is going to grab hold of this model and bring it to fruition we all hold a much more immediate opportunity to bring this picture to life in our own lives.  Whether we work in, run or own an organisation we can accommodate our lives to this picture to find out how things work when looked at from a social 3-fold perspective.
This social threefolding web site is a sub-site of the and represents an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and develop for yourself, and for everyone, this organisational 3-fold picture-in-the-mind.  There is also the chance to discuss your own organisational life in order to work out and experiment with how the 3-fold and The Philosophy of Freedom can impact and transform your experience.
Finally, what do we mean by an organisation?  Well, I suggest the following working definition:  An organisation is any grouping of human beings working together to a purpose they share.  So that includes, business, education, health services, solicitors, parliaments and so on.



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Politics, spirituality, the economy...and love

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This article was first published in Perspectives, December 2009 - February 2010

Bądź zmianą - be the change...

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“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

„Chcę wolności by moja istota mogła w pełni się wyrazić.”


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“Bądź zmianą której pragnąłbyś dla świata.”

Mahatma Gandhi



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June 4, 2009


In the Middle East...

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Dear friends,

I’ve just found the new web site about Khalil Gibran (1883-1931), who, I think, was one of the people who knew the Truth and expressed - in his poetry, writings and paintings - the Wisdom which we call ‘anthroposophy’.

Spiritus Mundi

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Enron: Aberration Or Symptom Of System Difficulties

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Christopher Schaefer
Rudolf Steiner repeatedly noted the danger of the speculative financial system controlling the production of goods and services, the economic system. Enron points to the need for looking more deeply at the ownership forms of companies, at mechanisms for raising capital and at criteria for the pay of employees.

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Overview of the 3-Fold

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In earlier journals I looked at each realm separately.  That is a logical approach but I believe that it is a flawed because it plays into a delusion that the realms are separate.

The Cultural Realm: A Ding Dong Battle?

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Sebastian has made a comment in his now epic journal entry "How we agree to do

How we agree to do and to be

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The Rights Realm

The Purpose of the Anthroposophical Society

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Everything I do, that I do for you...

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The Economic Realm

Everything I do for me...

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The Cultural Ream

Everything that I do for me.

Technical help needed...

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This is how I think about the 3-fold at the moment. 

Future journal ideas in the Social Threefolding Group

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Journey Planner

I thought I would jot down some ideas for future journals...


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The 3-fold Social Commonwealth, or Social Threefolding, is one of the practical fruits that grows on the Antrhroposophical tree.