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You are welcome to register your existing study group and use the web site features to organize such as your own group web page, sign-up, group email, a forum, and a larger community to pose questions.

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Study Group Process
Meeting regularly with a single study partner can be very fruitful. Here is a study process that works well for larger groups that can be organized by anyone, including you, irregardless of how much experience you have with the book. It gets everybody involved, is fun, and results in new insights. It is a three part process:

  • Part I: Reading Review  What did Rudolf Steiner say?
  • Part II: Individual Artistic Response  What do you say?
  • Part III: Group Conversation  What do we say?

Part I: Reading Review
It begins with a review of the section of the Philosophy of Freedom being studied. The purpose here is to review and help each other with basic reading comprehension of the text. The book may be read, words may need to be looked up in a dictionary, other translations could be referred to, and someone may present a review of the main points. An effort is made to enter the thoughts as presented by Rudolf Steiner. What did Rudolf Steiner say?

Part II: Individual Artistic Response

The next step is to have a quiet time where participants may take a moment to prepare their response to the reading. If some simple art materials are available such as block crayons, regular crayons, colored pencils, paper and some rigid boards or tables for sketching then individual insight can be given a form. This has shown itself as a fun way to get everyone involved.

Each person is usually eager to show their sketch and talk about their response to the reading. Doing it this way ensures that everyone participates without one or two people dominating the discussion.

Part III: Group Contemplation

We express our individual insight in our artistic response. Now the principles of individual contemplation are applied to a group conversation in an effort to experience group insight. The art is placed on a wall in view of the group. What is expressing itself in manifold ways through the individual responses? Does a common theme reveal itself? Successful group conversation will lead to genuine discovery and a higher comprehension of Truth.

Some Chapter Questions

Part I Knowledge of Freedom
1. Are we free thinkers with free will or is our sense of freedom an illusion?
2. How do we try to reconcile the disconnection between our thoughts and the world we perceive?
3. How does thought differ essentially from all other things?
4. Is the whole perceived world only a picture called up in my mind?
5. How can we find the concept that corresponds to the world we observe?
6. Why is our mental picture an individualized concept?
7. How do we overcome duality by reconciling our thoughts with the world?

Part II Reality of Freedom

8. Is thinking lifeless and abstract while willing and feeling fill the soul with warmth?
9. In what ways does individual intuitive impulse express itself?
10. To what moral authority do we submit ourselves?
11. What is a human being’s task in life?
12. How do moral intuition, moral imagination and moral technique work together?
13. What is our highest pleasure?
14. What are the characteristics of individuality?

Some Principles Of Group Contemplative Conversation


• Understanding others view: Something can be learned by maintaining a condition of open-mindedness and seeking the truth-value of another view.
• Silence: The occurrence of group silence can be a useful tool when it is used as an opportunity to reflect and digest. There is no need to be afraid of it.
• Retrospection: Retrospection occurs when, in monitoring your own self and the way you react or respond to the others, you observe yourself and, quite objectively, make the adjustments necessary to establish harmony with the basic guidelines and attitudes of the group conversation.

• Attitude: An attitude of acceptance and acknowledgment that truth may speak through anyone at any time.
• Attention: Place full attention and support with those who are speaking. Is not thinking about what to say while another is speaking.
• Hear: It is more important to hear out the other person than to agree with him, questioning rather than disputing will clear up disagreements.


• Be brief: Keeps statements to the point (brief and concise), both out of respect for the other members, and also in recognition that your idea needs no defending or justifying. Avoid monopolizing the conversation.
• Continuity: Keep the continuity alive by referring to points already made and asking the group how a current point relates to those expressed earlier.
• Thought Sequence: Try to relate your new comment out of the preceding comments if possible.

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study group

I am just wondering, is there a study group currently active in Northern Ireland? I am currently a member of a theosophy group in Belfast, and Steiner was a theosophist. I would like to know if there is a steiner study group in N.I., where and when does it meet? Otherwise, would any body like to help me establish one? I can be contacted

Study Group in Northern Ireland

You could try contacting:

AS in Northern Ireland
P.O.Box 172, GB-Belfast Delivery BT18 9WT, Northern Ireland
Tel./Fax +353 1 286 21 16
National Representative Michiel Brave

They should be able to inform you of Study Groups in the Belfast area that may be studying PoF, and then again you can always start your own study group.

Study Group in Northern Ireland

You could try contacting:

Anthroposophical Society in Ireland
P.O.Box 172, GB-Belfast Delivery BT18 9WT, Northern Ireland
Tel./Fax +353 1 286 21 16
National Representative Michiel Brave

Is there a study group in

Is there a study group in Miami, FL that I coud join?

study group possibilities

I don't have any information about a study group in your area. I do know their are many people who would like to learn more of Steiner's approach but do not have local opportunities. I have thought of three ways to remedy this; 1. support individuals to start their own local study group with study material and some sort of study guide or 2. develop an online group study, or 3. develop an individual online study course. Do any of these possibilities appeal to you?

Progress Report


I like your new advertisement Tom.

I have 5 folk interested in forming a study group so far.

Next step is to meet and find a mutually agreeable way of working together.

-- John in Aberdeen, Scotland



Couldn't find any interest in a Philosophy of Freedom study from the old anthroposophists in this area. I think it is time to give up on the old brain dead anthroposophists and focus entirely on youth. So I am purging the website of old anthroposophy. So how do you reach youth? Today humor is being used as very effective political and social commentary. The youth love intelligent humor. It would be perfect for presenting POF. POF is about becoming aware of the demons that control and limit us. What better way than to identify and mock our inner authorities who hold a spell over us? So I need to become a comedian.

silly comedy on your part


Have you ever considered the reason people have no interest in studying The Philosophy of Freedom with yourself, is people do not trust you, or feel they would like to study PoF but prefer to study it with someone else who has an open mind about the study. You seem really stuck in your own opinions and if someone would study with you and have a different outlook of PoF from your own, you would resent them or simply try to dismiss them. You already do this on your website by editing the writings of anyone who may disagree with you or your understanding and outlook. Of course you have to edit sometimes if people are rude and not really addressing PoF.

Wishing you the very best in freedom and understanding of what Rudolf Steiner was communicating to us. Good luck to you and God Bless you.

new writers

You are probably right. To remedy this I am lining up a new team of featured writers which will be announced soon.

wishing you the very best

Good luck with this and I hope you find really good writers. Everyone who follows anthroposophy and PoF, should be respected to follow what is of interest to their own individual karmic path, if it is PoF or using "Knowledge of Higher Worlds" as a guide, or Steiner's "Theosophy" or other writings. If one particular book of Steiner's, like PoF, has proven of great value to you, then it is wonderful that you want to share this with others, but shouldn't we allow to others the same spiritual freedom we would wish for ourselves, and allow others to follow their path as they deem right for them, in love and kindness. For Steiner, the Christ who represents Love in the world, was his great spiritual guide. Serving others through Love, is the key.

hi, Tom

Jeff here...I can't wait to see this new line up!!!

Birth Announcement


I would like to let you all know that a new Philosophy of Freedom Study Group has now begun in Aberdeen! 

We are 7 souls making a humble beginnning before the summer recess, and with the will to pick ourselves up again in the new academic year.  We are all Camphill co-workers, half of us are not members of the Anthroposophical Society and 2 have never read PoF.

Anyone from our North East Scotland locality is welcome to email me through my contact page if you are tempted to join us.  We meet on Sunday evening. There is no charge and no expectation of genius. What we lack in expertise we make up for in enthusiasm. 


Congratulations John! and

Congratulations John! and Good luck!

Thank you


Thank you Olga. Thanks for promoting our baby to another page, Tom.  Your support is greatly valued, as is the wealth of initiative on this website. 

Maybe the folk in Tom's area can rethink the way that not working together affects all sides and individuals. Shadows spring up like weeds. I hope that the situation there is better than the sketchy picture received at my end of the Internet from the exchanges above.

I told our group that we were meeting together because one man in the USA took initiative.


shadows exist on both sides


If sometimes things do not go the way we want or would like, we have to look to ourselves to try and see the truth of what happened. If we want respect from others, we have to show respect to them, it's a roundtable of respect for others garners respect for oneself.

"Traditional Anthroposophist" writer

I believe you are a long time participant on this site who has a positive interest in today's established anthroposophy and society. If you want to support this I could create a character called "Traditional Anthroposophist" and you could be a featured writer to bring more of a balance to the site.


Thanks for the invitation, but I don't think it is the place for me. Perhaps there is another "Traditional Anthroposophist" out there who would appreciate the title.

"Society Minder" may be better moniker

A better moniker may be "Society Minder". A society minder is a member of the society and can speak society language.

This site always has "minders" who want the views of anthroposophy represented and want to explain anthroposophy according to Steiner. I think this is all useful and if it is done recognizing the characters and groups we create are also funny besides having a legitimate point of view perhaps flame wars can be avoided. If you do your normal serious posting defending and explaining anthroposophy but retain enough of a sense of humor to operate under a lampooned character I think it would benefit everyone.

The new character "Freedom Professor" is a POF "minder" as he will correct anyone who in his opinion mis-represents POF and he will try to explain it accurately according to Steiner.

Most young people today get their political news from Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They are like political cartoons that express a very serious message. I am interested in a serious message from an anthroposophist but also writing under a lampooned moniker so we don't take ourselves too seriously. As the society dates back a long ways I had this character in mind, who looks like an early society member:


nice photo

Nice photo, but again it's not for me. I'm sure there is someone else out there who would enjoy being "Society Minder." I'm just finishing up my first book, so no time.

Miami group


I'm just wondering if this forum is still alive and if there are any interested folk in Miami.




Mickael Study Group of Miami

Some of you have asked if there is a study group in Miami, and there is! We meet every Sunday and have three groups:

* A Spanish speaking group that meets at 9:00 a.m. in which we are currently reading "La Tierra Como Escuela" by Roberto Crottogini

* An English speaking group that meets at 10:00 a.m. to study "Occult Science" by Rudolf Steiner

* An English speaking group that meets at 11:00 a.m., once a month to study "Angels" by Rudolf Steiner

Our group is sponsoring an Anthroposophical Conference this Spring, March 22nd & 23rd, at 7:00 p.m. called "Awakening the Conscious Mind" in which The Reverend Richard Dancy of the Christian Community Church will be presenting a two night series of lectures entitled:

The Unassuming God: The Power of Modesty
in Science & Religion.

The Anonymous God: Moving from faith and words to inner
attitude and deeds.

The Conference will take place at the Waldorf International School, 18690 Old Cutler Road, Cutler Bay, FL 33157.

If you would like more information, would like to join our group or plan on attending the event please RSVP at

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Yvonne Cumming
Group Moderator

I work with Antroposofi from 1969.

My name is Ann-Mari and I am leading a group in Antroposofi in Stockholm we just study AkashaKronika from Steiner, I have been in antroposofi in 42 year, Regards Ann-Mari

i was see all pictures and

i was see all pictures and i read all discussion i like your local study group thank you for Philosophy of Freedom Study Group

Why does Anonymous say that

Why does Anonymous say that no-one is interested in studying with Tom Last? After all, he has brought it about that the Hoernle and Hoernle translation of PoF is now widely available; and he wrote the introduction to it. I would certainly be willing to form a study group online with him. ThePhilosophyBeagles

group in athens greece

is there a group of studying anthroposophy in Athens?