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User Guide

How to Register
Select "Create new account" in LOG-IN BOX

Password is case sensitive. So log-in exactly as the password has been recorded in your profile.
If you Forgot your password, Forgot your username, or Forgot both select "Request new password" to have them emailed to you.

You need an accurate email address to register. Your email is kept private.

EMAIL sent to you with LOG-IN LINK
Log-in at least once to complete the registration.

These settings are in your profile.

Everyone registered and logged in can post a Journal or Comment. The content of this web site is produced by you and other readers so everyone is encouraged to post Journals and Comments. A Comment is the readers response to something read on the web site. A Comment box appears under all the pages. A Journal is for expressing your views and may lead to a discussion.
How to post a Journal or Comment
To Post a Journal select "MY JOURNAL"
To post a COMMENT just fill in box at bottom of the page you are commenting on or select "Reply" if responding to another post.

NOTE: Teaser box no longer exists.

Add Text and Submit Journal
You do not need to activate the Text Editor. Just add text to box and submit.
The front page editor will decide whether to promote the journal entry to the front page.

How to Activate the Text Editor
Note: Text Editor works with Macintosh computers if you download the Firefox browser.
If you activate text editor, do it BEFORE you add text.


Etiquette in the Philosophy of Freedom Community (October 2007 version 1.3)

This website enables individuals throughout the world to come together freely to explore the writings of Rudolf Steiner, particularly the Philosophy of Freeing Spiritual Activity, and the development of anthroposophy in a manner that promotes the truly free human being. Through our continuing activity of thinking, listening and communicating we seek for ever new aspects of truths that are available to all devoted seekers. Any truth that becomes rigidified into dogma immediately dies into untruth.
The advice here is offered for contributing journals and responding to the posts of other members.  We invite all serious and playful exploration of perspectives in our global learning environment where all participants are simultaneously teachers and pupils.  These are not house rules, only a reminder that this site intends to be a civilising forum where respect for the freedom of others is implicit in a philosophy of freeing spiritual activity. 
We encourage plurality of perspectives so that we may transcend barriers such as nationality, language, education, locality and individual opinion.  A person can represent many points of view. It is better to have one person representing a point of view here than having no representation at all.  Please make an effort to support others in their learning and development.


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