Study Group Chapter 2 Section 9 & 10

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2-9) MONADISM (Sagittarius)
[12] We must find the way back to her again. A simple reflection can point this way out to us. We have, it is true, torn ourselves away from Nature, but we must none the less have taken something of her with us into our own being. This element of Nature in us we must seek out, and then we shall find the connection with her once more. Dualism fails to do this. It considers human inwardness as a spiritual entity utterly alien to Nature, and then attempts somehow to hitch it on to Nature. No wonder that it cannot find the connecting link. We can find Nature outside us only if we have first learned to know her within us. What is akin to her within us must be our guide. This marks out our path of enquiry. We shall attempt no speculations concerning the interaction of Nature and spirit. Rather shall we probe into the depths of our own being, to find there those elements which we saved in our flight from Nature.

Topic: Know Element Of Nature Within
  • Having torn ourselves from Nature, we must have taken something over into our own being. By seeking out this element of Nature within us, we will rediscover the connection.
  • Dualism cannot find the connecting link. It considers our interior as a spiritual being foreign to Nature, and then attempts to hitch it on to Nature.
  • We will descend into our own being, finding those elements saved in our flight from nature.

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2-10) DYNAMISM (Scorpio)
[13] Investigation of our own being must give us the answer to the riddle. We must reach a point where we can say to ourselves, "Here we are no longer merely 'I', here is something which is more than 'I'."

Topic: Something More Than "I"
  • "Here I am no longer merely 'I', here lies something that is more than 'I'."

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