Philosophy Of Freedom Study (additional internet research)

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Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action
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1-0 Free or Compelled?1-5 Freedom: The Conscious Motive
100Introduction 151Conscious And Unconscious Motives
101Free Will and Determinism 152Acquiring Knowledge Of Motives
102Moral Responsibility1-6 Free When Controlled By Reason
Scientific Thinking
161 Rational Self-Determinism
104Compatibilism 162Compelled By Rational Necessity
105Consequences of Freedom1-7 Free To Do As One Wills
1-1 Freedom of Indifferent Choice 171Freedom To Do
111Scientific World-View 172Psychological Determinism
112Indifferent Choice1-8 Volition That Is An Absolute Beginning
113Physical Determinism 181Animal, Social, And Individual Instincts
114Always a reason for action 182Spontaneous Intuitive Action
115Consequences of Physical Determinism1-9 Knowledge Of The Action
1-2 Freedom of Choice 191Knowing Why We Act
121Free Choice   
122Liberty to Desire?

1-3 Free To Act From Own Nature
131Divine Nature
132Science as Religion
133Defined by External Causes
134Emotional Turmoil
135Conscious Of The Reason For Action
136Distinguishing Emotion through Music
1-4 Free from External Impulses
142Moral Restraint
 143Character Determinism