Chapter 2 Section 7 & 8

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2-7) PSYCHISM (Pisces)
[10] Against all these theories we must urge the fact that we meet with the basic and primary opposition first in our own consciousness. It is we ourselves who break away from the bosom of Nature and contrast ourselves as "I" with the "World". Goethe has given classic expression to this in his essay Nature, although his manner may at first sight be considered quite unscientific: "Living in the midst of her (Nature) we are strangers to her. Ceaselessly she speaks to us, yet betrays none of her secrets." But Goethe knows the reverse side too: "Men are all in her and she in all."

Topic: We Contrast "I" With World
  • The basic and original polarity confronts us first within our own consciousness.
  • It is we who separate ourselves from the native ground of nature, and place ourselves as "I" in opposition to the world.

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2-8) PNEUMATISM (Aquarius)
[11] However true it may be that we have estranged ourselves from Nature, it is none the less true that we feel we are in her and belong to her. It can be only her own working which pulsates also in us.

Topic: Nature's Activity Within
  • It can only be her activity that lives in us.

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Section 7 & 8

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