Wątpliwości - wolność w okowach myślenia / In doubt - freedom in chains of thinking.

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Z treści pierwszego rozdziału wynika, że człowiek, o ile chce być wolny, powinien mieć udział w powstawaniu motywów, na podstawie których działa.

'myślenie bez słów...'

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O mowie / Talking

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I zawołał uczony:

PoF Vaccination Program

Submitted by Tmasthenes on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 12:35pm.

Urgent Appeal to Tom Last and all PoFfers!

Destiny calls upon you now to muster the forces of clear thinking from the study of PoF to develop a vaccine strong enough to stop the spread of the Judith von Halle flu now sweeping through Berlin and infecting Dornach as well.  If you do not act in time, then the spectre of atavistic Catholic superstition will entirely permeate the Goetheanum and turn all members of the Anthroposophical Society into stark raving Jesuits.

Please heed this call from Germany which I have translated into English below. Just how you can bottle sense-free thinking into a vaccine is beyond me, but I'm sure you'll think of some way.

Tom Mellett
Van Nuys, CA

Breaking News Bulletin from the Uncle Willy Lochmann Publishing Emporium



From: Lochmann-Verlag <>
Subject: Hübscher Leserbrief  (Cute Reader Comment)
In issue #6/7 (April-May 2010) the following reader comment is published:

 Various Influenzas

 To: Peter Tradowsky, writing “Seven Theses of Judith von Halle.” in issue #5 (March 2010)

 We’ve had the Bird Flu and the Swine Flu and now we have the “Von Halle Flu,” which had infected thousands. Just what kind of spiritual beings have inspired this Group-Influenza? It would be advisable to get yourselves vaccinated so that it will not turn into an epidemic. A proven remedy is clear thinking.

Christian Glaser,


Submitted by Tom Last on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 9:13am.

I am working on 3 things that I think need to be done; the new translation, searching the internet for a story each day for the front page about POF, and producing a new video series on POF. The videos would consist of a summary and then chapter videos.

Below is a popular video on the Libertarian view. I like the style and clear objective presentation. It is a flash video with lots of movement. I can't do flash so I am trying to find something that I can do. I would like to start with a short summary of POF. The 10 minute video series would include a summary and 14 chapter videos. A good job on the summary video could gather 1 million views if it is recommended by others.

Nie spiesz się...

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Rola sztuki

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