PoF for a Captive Audience

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The Anthroposophical Prison Outreach Program has been flourishing for at least the last 8 years.  Here is their homepage

Here is the PDF copy of their latest newsletter with dozens of responses from prisoners all across the USA writing in about the positive effects anthroposophy is having on and in their lives.

On page 8 of the 12 page newsletter, I came across this Illinois prisoner’s short book review of PoF.

Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path – wow! Not what I expected. This was the most purely philosophical study I have ever encountered. It’s the book I’ve been searching for since I discovered philosophy of any kind. The ideas developed in this study (I don’t know what else to call it) about freedom of will, monism and pure thought were extremely fascinating and reached far beyond what I have ever considered. The book was one of the most difficult I have ever read and required of me rereading of some paragraphs and chapters as I progressed – but was so very worth it. It opened me to an entirely new school of thought. Don’t be surprised if I request this book again in the future for further study.” --- Joseph, Galesburg, IL

I have long maintained --- for linguistic reasons alone --- that the correct translation for PoF should be The Philosophy of Inner Freedom.  Now reading that review from someone who is literally a “captive audience” for the book, someone whose external freedom is curtailed, helps to validate my translation.

Design your own PoF to become a "Living Symbol"

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That is the advice of Wibke Reinstein given at the end of an answer to a question as to whether she remembers her incarnation as Rudolf Steiner.

Rudolf Steiner in a Bikini

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Take the Rudi-Quiz!!! (12 Questions)

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Wibke Reinstein is one of the choices in this “Rudi-Quiz” which appears on the back page of the latest newsletter of the Youth Seminar in Stuttgart, Germany.   (a kind of Foundation Year Study in Anthroposophy)

Text draft of upcoming chapter 3 video

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last journal entry - "all good things must come to an end"

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Friends, and acquaintances,

"An incorrect result of research in the spiritual world is a living being.  It is there; it must be resisted, it must first be eradicated" [R.S., ed.] ' (22.10.1915, GA 254)

grandiosity, ego inflation and being "swept away" ...

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Dear Friends (playmates?),

In what I write next in my journal no one should think that I am not intimately familiar with these imbalances in the spiritual development of the ego.  I know them well - too well in point of fact - having succumbed to them more than once.   From another point of view, these often appear as various degrees of hubris.

If such excesses result in experiences that wake us up, they are a benefit ... if not, obviously then we are a danger to ourselves and others.

The problem comes in large part because of the existence of "talent".   All of us have various kinds of "gifts", which we have not so much earned, but possess as an aspect of the Creation and the normal differentiation (individuality) that goes along with this process.   We are not all alike in any number of ways, and we can observe this in many phenomena.   One person is more easily able to make friends.  Another has hands that with less effort can sculpt clay.   A third has an ear for music, and can remember heard tunes and verses with accurate ease.

Rudolf Steiner was hugely talented.  Our comparative mind tends to make us think that this makes him better than us, which is true in a little way (obviously we are all better at some things, and not so good at others).  In the larger scheme of things, such gifts are also a burden, because in Steiner's case, he had to live a life of "separation", mostly due to the fact that others could not find a right relationship to his "talent" and elevated him to the level of a minor deity out of their own confusion.

The Win-Win Logic of the Bodhisattva

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Ladies and gentlemen of the PoF blog and the entire Steiner Internet Multiverse!

Before I proceed with my revelations of such a world historic magnitude as I promised, I would first like to reassure you all that my posting here is ultimately aimed at pointing out the sometimes subtle fallacy of metaphysical realism expounded by many anthroposophists as we read in Chapter 10 of  PoF.

We learn in anthroposophy that Rudolf Steiner gave a kind of generic reincarnational “rule of thumb” stating that human being would usually incarnate twice during a Post-Atlantean epoch (2,160 years), once as a man and the other as a woman.  (Man being the karma of woman and woman the karma of man as described in a lecture May 26, 1910  GA 120

However, he also stated that in times of great upheaval and transformation, nodal points in our evolution, that the rule could be superseded and high initiates would reincarnate rather more frequently than once a millennium.  But in addition to this special phenomenon he also spoke of a certain lofty being called a Bodhisattva, who is on his/her journey to become the next Buddha, i.e. the Maitreya Buddha. Using very approximate dates, we have the previous Bodhisattva becoming Gautama Buddha, ca. 600 BC. 5,000 years from that takes us to 4400 AD and the mid-point is 1900 AD, which Steiner refers to as the end of Kali Yuga, itself a 5,000 year span.  Timeline here:

[------------------5,000 years------------------------]//////////////////////////////////
Kali Yuga start---------------------------------Kali Yuga end/////////////////////////
3100 BC-----------------600 BC--------------1900 AD ----------------4400 AD
///////////////////////////Gautama B.-------------------------------------Maitreya B.
///////////////////////////////[------------------5,000 years------------------------]

The “rule” for this particular Bodhisattva being is that he/she reincarnates once every century, for a total of  [ (7 x 7) + 1 ] = 50 incarnations to make the 5,000 year Buddha bonanza.

Now just who is this Bodhisattva being!