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remember the fuss
about Obama?
another man promised to be the one

remember how he cried
around the corner
when he thought he couldn't be seen?

remember how Obama
was an example of Freedom
and how he would teach us that way?

remember how he swore to himself
never to cry like that again?

Trust Me:
it ain't his fault.

And never was

But remember:
He believes in drones. and
whether he knows it or not:

He's me.


most PoF scholars who proclaimed Obama, have yet to explicate what was missing in their reading of PoF; many, instead, simply became disappointed in him.

and to D.S.::: remember: when I showed all the ways Obama instanced against PoF, I never suggested it was a moral weakness or that we should expect a "leader" to demonstrate such things.

John's Second Draft of Chapter 3 [4]

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A Thought for a New Year

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This was sent to me as a New Year's gift.  "A seed is a very small thing." I have no idea who wrote it but it rings true.


A seed is a very small thing.

You plant it, and in that secret place under the earth, if feeds from the soil, it breaks, and then a shoot comes up from the ground.

This small shoot seeks the light as it grows, and in time, it turns into a large tree. If you had not been told, you would not believe this tree came from such a small thing that once was hidden in the depths.

We cannot see what happens under the soil, because it is hidden from our eyes. Only the seed is present when the change happens. But eventually we see a tree, which cannot be ignored.

We do not consider the strength that resides within the seed because it is such a small thing. But we cannot ignore the tree.

This is an illustration of a certain belief that we fall into very easily, because it makes sense when we first think about it. It is the idea that our private lives should not matter to anyone but ourselves.

We look at our private lives as hidden from view, and we think they add no meaning whatsoever to the lives we live in public.

We say things like "whatever a man does in his private life is nobody's business."

Even more so, whatever a man thinks in his own head, in the deepest recesses of his mind, has little or no influence on the way that he behaves in public.

The truth is that those things which we do in private, even our thought life, matter more than anything else we do in life.

Because our private thoughts are like seeds.

They are planted in our heads. During that time, no one but we are able to

Bellow to Barfield: Fuck You & Steiner Too! (But Long Live PoF!)

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 Pardon my native New Yawk Anglo-Saxon, but I had to encapsulate the sentiments of Saul Bellow toward Owen Barfield as he expressed them in the letters they exchanged in the 1970’s --- letters which now appear in the new book of Bellow’s Collected Letters.
Here’s the review in the NY Times Review of Books:

Saul Bellow’s Quest for the Vernacular Sublime

I’ll give you “vernacular sublime” all right! I quote below the section about Bellow corresponding with Barfield and how Bellow finally tells Barfield --- in a much more polite and civilized way than I do --- to take Steiner, as it were, and shove him up Barfield’s bombastic British bio-dynamic butt!!!

But then the reviewer notes Bellow’s “turn to PoF” (metaphorical not literal) by praising Bellow’s “Declaration of Independence” from the doctrine of anthroposophy as well as Barfield’s prissy condescension to and haughty rejection of Bellow’s own artistic expression of his own ethical individualism.

Tom Mellett

All Aboard the Steiner Express!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Steiner Universe!!!!

Have you booked your tickets yet on the Rudolf Steiner Sesquicentennial Celebration Train Express???

Hurry!! Hurry!!! Before they sell out!!!

This is no "Peace Train! Holy Roller . . .”  of Cat Stevens now Josef Islam of the Arabic stream . . . 

No, this is the Rudolf Steiner Sesquicentennial Express!

Read all about it here

Au commencement

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Hopefully I have understood enough of this site correctly so that I'm not infringing on any existing rules for journal entries. I think this area may be a good place for verbalizing thoughts and ideas as I read and contemplate this book.

I have read Frihetens philosophie before but as I'm sure everyone who has read it is aware, one reading doesn't necessarily mean very much. In these days when our thought processes are so overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by every flitting electronic impulse, it just seems that a nice counteractive might be moments of separation from the common rabble and perhaps facilitate some new neuronal connections (or the spiritual equivalent).

On the other hand, I wonder if this time spent will be productive--one could be out doing socially productive deeds, n'est-ce pas?

Ah well, onwards.

John's Third Draft of Chapter 2 [3]

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John's Third Draft of Chapter 1 [2]

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Wibke Reinstein Kicking Steiner's Butt --- Yeeaaahhhh!!!

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I was all set to write Wibke Reinstein off as just another Steiner reincarnation wannabee --- with a flair for self-promotion and semi-New Age vagueness --- but then I happened to see a new entry on her Facebook discussion page