I'm OK, your not !?!?!

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Several decades ago, a man by the name of Eric Berne engaged in an interesting experiment.   He was a practicing psychiatrist, and thought it might be possible to take those experiences and points of view, and render them in a much more ordinary language than otherwise common to the discipline.   As a result he wrote a book Games People Play, and eventually was born Transactional Analysis.  This system of thought gave birth to the idea of three ego states (threefoldness?): Child; Adult; Parent; and,  four life positions (fourfoldness?) I'm OK, your Ok; I'm not OK, your OK, I'm OK your not OK; and I'm not OK, your not OK.

the curious cases of criticism of Joel (that's me)

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I've been writing stuff for years. Don't keep my views to myself. Website, bookstore and then YouTube videos.

been busy while away, here's what's new ....

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I'll hang out for a while in case there are any questions on these works:

the redemption of hate was written after by impulse I dropped in on the Waldorf Critics' discussion list near the beginning of Holy Week. It was written Easter Morning ...

after some years of not paying attention to the hints of various folks, I recently bought a copy of Steiner's Anthroposophy: a fragment, and then following some examination of that book I decided to write my own introduction as a substitute for the existing ones, which I had found wanting ...

reading Prokofieff's bit on what Christian Rosencreutz means to Anthroposophy, in a recent Anthroposophy World Wide, I thought I'd stick my two-bits into that question ...

I think I announced this here before, but in case I didn't ... I created over 230 videos for YouTube in 2010, and wrote a new book ... here are the relevant links:

the foolish philosopher:

The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything:

hullo from jenny ren

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hullo freinds,

               much has happened in my life since i last posted an entry. I hope I can continue with the knowledge of higher worlds now.

                    blessings and a happy easter to all, jenny ren.

40 yard dash

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first one to find the exact line in PoF that justifies Steiner's comments regarding Unger's reading of PoF in 1922...

apply 5-4 {12} to 3-1 {7}

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If you want to see a key way in which I find PoF to be a living organism, then really apply (in your most intense thinking...)

5-4{12} to 3-1{7}


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Cnapter 00 The Aims of All Knowledge Second Draft

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