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Philosophy of Freedom chapter 3 questions

Submitted by Tom Last on Thu, 08/26/2010 - 10:11am.

I am working on the Chapter 3 video and came up with this list of questions answered in Chapter 3.

3-1 How does the observation of thought compare to the observation of other things?
3-2 How does thought compare to feeling?
3-3 How does thinking compare to our thinking personality?
3-4 How does the observation of thought compare to the observation of present thinking?
3-5 How does knowing our thought compare to knowing other things?
3-6 How does a thought process compare to brain activity?
3-7 How certain are we of our thoughts compared to other things?
3-8 How does thinking about thought compare to thinking about other things?
3-9 How does the creation of thought compare to creating other things?
3-10 How does unconscious thought influence the observation of thought compared to its influence when we observe other things?
3-11 How does the study of thought compare to the study of consciousness?
3-12 How can I be certain whether my thought is right or wrong?

Video Project

Submitted by Tom Last on Tue, 07/06/2010 - 8:43am.
 Rudolf Steiner sews together a variety of views in The Philosophy of Freedom. I want to produce a new video series that goes through the book that would be good enough to be recommended by a lot of people. I have looked at crude animation and other forms of presentation.

Steiner collected the views of others. Most the views in POF are probably on an online video somewhere. These videos could be found and fit together with commentary to produce a new version of POF, a POF movie. It wouldn't be of value for thought-training but it could convey the ideas in POF which would clear up a lot of misrepresentations about anthroposophy. Any ideas?